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Ideas which we are incorporating into our Heartbeat Education

As mentioned elsewhere, many of these ideas were inspired by Kathy Sierra and her most excellent Creating Passionate Users blog. AlanRobertson saw her speak at Linux.Conf.Au 2007. Her most excellent talk was captured on video and Alan recommends it to you highly.

  • Teach people what they need to know to do their job, not how the tool works
  • Engage as many of the senses at a time as possible
  • Do some unexpected things
  • Make things look like a conversation to help engage the brain
  • Help people get over their fear and do it anyway
  • Educate more instead of spending more
  • Have multiple levels of accomplishment to give people goals and a sense of accomplishment
  • Create a little mystery for tension (that's not quite how Kathy Sierra puts it, but that's how I'm doing it).

Things teachers would probably like about it:

  • Address different learning styles, written, auditory, kinesthetic

Alan also wishes to thank Ralph Giles for introducing him to screencasts at LCA2007.