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This web page is no longer maintained. Information presented here exists only to avoid breaking historical links.
The Project stays maintained, and lives on: see the Linux-HA Reference Documentation.
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Linux-HA File Copyright and License Policy

This page describes the policy which we intend to have be true on the project. If they're not true in some instance, either fix them (if legally possible), or at the least let AlanRobertson know.


  • Every .c, .h, .py, and shell script needs to have a copyright and license statement in it. It's fine for the other files to have them, but the emphasis should be on making sure these files are covered.
  • For shell scripts, it's OK if it's just two lines: one for copyright and one for license - because they are interpreted and making the file larger actually makes it a little slower (this is not true for .py and .perl files).

    All shell scripts should be GPL -- BUT the . included files shellfuncs and ocf-shellfuncs should be LGPL to make it as clear as possible that it's OK to include them in non-GPL scripts.

  • For files which are translated into a persistent object code of some sort, please

    put a full copy of the GPL or LGPL preamble in the source code.

Public Interfaces

  • For libraries which talk to the core modules via IPC or sockets or fork/exec, they

    and the header files needed to interface to them should be LGPL.

  • For plugins which are intended to be reusable, they should be licensed LGPL. This probably includes most plugins.

  • Core code which is not part of a public interface should be licensed GPL.

What's Legal, and what's not

The LGPL specifically allows relicensing code as GPL, so if something is mistakenly (according to this policy) marked LGPL. then we can change the license without the authors' permission.

All other changes in licenses require the permission of the author.


There are a small number of files which were included into the project from other open source projects. These files were licensed as BSD or were public domain or something similar. All such files must have GPL-compatible licenses. This section will have the list of exception files here.

Obsolete Directories

There are a number of obsolete directories which can be ignored, since they aren't part of the active base. These include:

  • telecom/eventd
  • telecom/cms
  • telecom/checkpointd
  • lib/eventd
  • lib/cmsclient
  • lib/checkpointd
  • lib/tinyxml
  • proc-ha