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Over time the Linux-HA project has grown both in user base and in code base. Here are a couple of graphs which show the growth of the project's code base over time.

These graphs were generated against CVS on 07/30/2006 by the most excellent KevinDwyer.

First, the SLOCcount results:

Totals grouped by language (dominant language first):

  • ansic: 182175 (79.05%)
  • sh: 37292 (16.18%)
  • python: 4968 (2.16%)
  • perl: 4647 (2.02%)
  • php: 622 (0.27%)
  • tcl: 520 (0.23%)
  • yacc: 140 (0.06%)
  • lex: 105 (0.05%)

Total Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC) = 230,469

Development Effort Estimate, Person-Years (Person-Months) = 60.50 (726.03)

  • (Basic COCOMO model, Person-Months = 2.4 * (KSLOC**1.05))

Schedule Estimate, Years (Months) = 2.55 (30.56)

  • (Basic COCOMO model, Months = 2.5 * (person-months**0.38))

Estimated Average Number of Developers (Effort/Schedule) = 23.76

Total Estimated Cost to Develop = $ 8,173,062

  • (average salary = $56,286/year, overhead = 2.40).

Data generated using David A. Wheeler's 'SLOCCount'.

AlanRobertson notes that this third graph systematically exaggerates his personal contributions, since most new contributors funnel their contributions through him. This probably accounts for many of the discontinuous jumps in his curve. KevinDwyer points out that AndrewBeekhof has pulled way out in front of even AlanRobertson since he last ran these stats.