ocf_heartbeat_Route — Manages network routes


Route [ start | stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all ]


Enables and disables network routes.

Supports host and net routes, routes via a gateway address, and routes using specific source addresses.

This resource agent is useful if a node's routing table needs to be manipulated based on node role assignment. Consider the following example use case: - One cluster node serves as an IPsec tunnel endpoint. - All other nodes use the IPsec tunnel to reach hosts in a specific remote network. Then, here is how you would implement this scheme making use of the Route resource agent: - Configure an ipsec LSB resource. - Configure a cloned Route OCF resource. - Create an order constraint to ensure that ipsec is started before Route. - Create a colocation constraint between the ipsec and Route resources, to make sure no instance of your cloned Route resource is started on the tunnel endpoint itself.

Supported Parameters


The destination network (or host) to be configured for the route. Specify the netmask suffix in CIDR notation (e.g. "/24"). If no suffix is given, a host route will be created. Specify "" or "default" if you want this resource to set the system default route. (required, string, no default)


The outgoing network device to use for this route. (optional, string, no default)


The gateway IP address to use for this route. (optional, string, no default)


The source IP address to be configured for the route. (optional, string, no default)


The routing table to be configured for the route. (optional, string, no default)

Supported Actions

This resource agent supports the following actions (operations):


Starts the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 20.


Stops the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 20.


Performs a detailed status check. Suggested minimum timeout: 20. Suggested interval: 10.


Suggested minimum timeout: 20.


Retrieves resource agent metadata (internal use only). Suggested minimum timeout: 5.


Performs a validation of the resource configuration. Suggested minimum timeout: 20.


The following is an example configuration for a Route resource using the crm(8) shell:

primitive example_Route ocf:heartbeat:Route \
  params \
    destination=string \
  op monitor timeout="20" interval="10" depth="0" 

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