Part III. Administrative Tasks

Table of Contents

5. Creating an initial Heartbeat configuration
5.1. The file
5.2. The authkeys file
5.3. Propagating the cluster configuration to cluster nodes
5.4. Starting Heartbeat services
5.5. Where to go from here
6. Upgrading from previous Heartbeat versions
6.1. Upgrading from Heartbeat 2.1 clusters not using the CRM
6.1.1. Stopping Heartbeat services
6.1.2. Upgrade software
6.1.3. Enabling the Heartbeat cluster to use Pacemaker
6.1.4. Restarting Heartbeat
6.2. Upgrading from CRM-enabled Heartbeat 2.1 clusters
6.2.1. Placing the cluster in unmanaged mode
6.2.2. Backing up the CIB
6.2.3. Stopping Heartbeat services
6.2.4. Wiping files related to the CRM
6.2.5. Restoring the CIB
6.2.6. Upgrading software
6.2.7. Restarting Heartbeat services
6.2.8. Returning the cluster to managed mode
6.2.9. Upgrading the CIB schema