Chapter 4. Installing pre-built packages

Table of Contents

4.1. Debian and Ubuntu
4.2. Fedora, RHEL and CentOS
4.3. OpenSUSE and SLES

Cluster Glue and Heartbeat are available as pre-built binary packages on a number of platforms, including

Commercially supported enterprise packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise server are available from LINBIT.

This section describes the steps necessary to install binary packages on these platforms.

4.1. Debian and Ubuntu

Installing the cluster-glue and heartbeat packages on Debian and Ubuntu is a straightforward process. Assuming you have the correct package repositories configured for APT, install the two packages with the following commands:

aptitude install heartbeat cluster-glue

Since you most likely will also want to install Pacemaker (beyond the scope of this manual), do so by issuing the following commands as well:

aptitude install cluster-agents pacemaker