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auto_failback directive - set failback policy

The auto_failback option determines whether a resource will automatically fail back to its "primary" node, or remain on whatever node is serving it until that node fails, or an administrator intervenes.

The possible values for auto_failback are:

  • on - enable automatic failbacks

  • off - disable automatic failbacks

  • legacy - enable automatic failbacks in systems where all nodes in the cluster do not yet support the auto_failback option.

Both the auto_failback on and off are backwards compatible with the old "nice_failback on" setting.

See the FAQ document for information on how to convert from "legacy" to "on" without a flash cut (i.e., using a RollingUpgrade process)

The default value for auto_failback is "legacy", which will issue a warning at startup. So, make sure you put an auto_failback directive in your file (note: auto_failback can be any HeartbeatBoolean value or legacy). Typically, you want to set auto_failback on for an ActiveActive cluster, and commonly to off for an ActivePassive cluster.

NOTE: auto_failback does not have any effect on a Release 2 CRM-style cluster (one configured with crm on). For CRM-style clusters, this has been replaced with the default_resource_stickiness attribute in the CIB.